The Unstoppable Kids of Azar Farooq

Every parent dreams of success and happiness for their children. It is never too late to teach them the value of hard work, patience, enduring challenges and to instil value into what they do, in what they will learn, and in what they can become. Living is not for the weak, and that is a true fact that children should not be afraid to face. As brutally honest as it may sound, it does not have to be daunting. Being your children’s first teachers, it is a duty to prepare them for the real world.

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A strong family bond teaches them to be kind, to honour family values, to respect their elders and to treat younger siblings with care. This is the foundation of everything else that comes after into their lives. At school, they are taught academic knowledge and independence. It is also where their desire to improve develops through completion of school work, joining sports and competing and even participation in school curriculum and events. And then, there’s after school activities.

Whereas other children will be spending their free time playing regular games or other hobbies, the children at Azar Farooq Kickboxing are trained to punch, kick, and adapting fighting techniques to be the best in the discipline of kickboxing. Located at Brackenhill Primary School in Bradford, kickboxing teacher Azar Farooq have been producing some of the best young kickboxing athletes year after year and they are quite a force to reckon with. One of his noteworthy students is thirteen-year-old Bilal Al Hassan who has received his black belt earlier this year and it looks like achieving second Dan is already in the works.

The Azar Farooq Kickboxing Tournament was held last June 2016 at Lapage Primary School, where roughly fifty martial arts students gathered to test their fighting skills. The competitors’ ages ranged from six to fourteen, competing in categories based on their height and abilities. The best athletes were awarded trophies for single and team events. It was a glorious day for parents who have seen their little ones at their very first tournament. No doubt that for most, winning is only the bonus, and for everybody else who participated, it was a win-win situation nonetheless. There is something so heart-inflating when you see your child exert all his or her efforts to give everything they have to achieve a goal.

Competitions or tournaments are simply a test of what the children have learned. Winning and losing are a part of life that everyone has to face. Be that as it may, children should be taught to never be discouraged and to take everything in stride as they continue to work on their dreams. It is the road all children of the Azar Farooq Kickboxing academy must journey upon. Champions in life were not made simply by being the best fighter. It is carrying the morals and the values taught by the sport through a disciplined teacher that makes confident, well-adjusted individuals who will make future generations thriving and proud.

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