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About Azar Farooq Kickboxing – Bradford

Enhance your fighting spirit at azar farooq kickboxing


Experience the thrill of kickboxing without breaking the bank - our classes are priced affordably for everyone.

One to One

We know not everyone has the same learning styles and that's why we also provide one to one sessions.

Pro Trainers

Benefit from expert guidance as our classes are led by a seasoned 6th dan black belt instructor.


Empowering students to build confidence with every punch and kick, our kickboxing classes offer a transformative journey towards self-assurance.

We specialize in high-energy kickboxing classes designed to sculpt bodies and boost confidence. At Azar Farooq Kickboxing, we prioritize your growth and passion for kickboxing. Join our supportive community in Bradford where we nurture your skills, foster love for the sport, and empower you to surpass your goals. Let’s embark on your journey together – reach out today to plan your next triumph in the ring.

- Our Mission -

To devlop our childrens confidence, discipline, motivation and life skills and help the next generation to be better than their formers’.

Finding you the right class

Choose a suitable class near you

We provide classes at different venues so that we can reach more areas.

  • Thornbury/Pudsey - St James The Great C of E Church
  • BD7 - Almarkaz ul Islam
  • BD8 - Al-Hikam Institute
  • BD9 - Frizinghall Community Centre

careers with us

Become a Trainer at Azar Farooq Kickboxing

We are always looking for more trainers to join the ever expanding company of Azar Farooq Kickboxing. If you are interested in becoming a black belt trainer with us reach out to us today!

We’re all about our learners!

One to One Kickboxing Sessions with Azar Farooq Kickboxing

Experience personalized kickboxing training tailored to your goals with our one-to-one sessions in Bradford. Our expert instructors will work closely with you to develop your skills, improve technique, and achieve results efficiently. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to elevate your practice, our sessions are designed to optimize your kickboxing journey.

Begin Your Journey With Us.

It’s not always about the result, it’s about learning to grow, get better, learning to love what you do, understanding why you do it, setting yourself a target and then smashing that target.

At Azar Farooq we help you along the way, we give our children the attention they need and you become part of a community, a family. Reach out to us today and lets start planning the next big punch.

We are affiliated with WAKO having former students joining WAKO, this gives a personal relation with them and the advantage to make sure that we deliver all our training to the highest of standards!

To be the best, you have to at least train with the best!

We've trained with the very best...

From world Kickboxing champ Arthur ‘O’ Loughlin & Bill Wallace to Jean Frenette, we have trained with them all, learning karate, Goju-ryu karate, kickboxing and much more.  We have also worked along side big names like Imran Khan – Muai Thai World Champion & Dev Barrett – the first British Kickboxer to win a world title in the ring!

This puts us in a unique position of having diverse experience in not only fighting but in teaching and learning styles too!

Reach out to us today to see how we can start training and helping you and your children.

Swing, Slash & Thrust Your Way To Victory…

Train Like a pro to be a pro...

Led by a seasoned 6th Dan black belt instructor, our classes blend traditional kickboxing techniques with modern training methodologies to empower students of all levels. In addition to our comprehensive kickboxing curriculum, we specialize in classes where students learn the art of safely wielding martial arts tools such as nunchakus, staffs, swords, and tonfa’s.

Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned practitioner, our expert instruction ensures a fulfilling journey towards mastering both the art of kickboxing and the skilful use of martial arts tools.

Join us today and unleash your full potential in a supportive and dynamic environment.